Forest land issue revisited
Everyone please go to this link and do as you feel you should, I believe that we all need to at the very least copy and paste Jims letter into an email and send it on with your information at the bottom.
[Image: 2146.png]
I'm printing it all out and will study. There will always be conservationists who object to any motorists. However, there are those who understand THAT "open access and wise use" promotes conservation much more than "restricted, unaccessable, wild lands."
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Taken it up the tail pipe again
This is till open from when he was down here, they are just gettin closer to shuttin it down... Everyone send it from yours and your spouses email..
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sent it from both email addys.
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got mine in as well
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Got this link in the mail today.Looks like they are winning.
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