my new project
heres my new project. 87 comanche 4.0 auto 6.5" lift 34 10.50 swampers trashed turdy5 etc needing some tlc here is what happens when a pinion bearing fails but the driver doesn't here is the majority of the pinion bearing
The pinion looks like it had lunch!! 8.8 time. I thought you were looking for a DD? / mild wheeler. Swampers do not equal mild....
how bout a chrysler 9.25 already got 5 on 4.5 axles...
[Image: 2146.png]
yeah i was matt but i came across this for a good deal and i always liked mjs
that 9.25 is full width isn't it?
little abuse never hurt anything(lol). Nice ride Alex. Hope the 4wheeler fits. Looks like a comfy garage to work in too. If ya need help give me a hollar in 6mo. haha. Look forward to wheelin with ya again.
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Stock the 9.25 is full width that I know of, unless he means the 8.25 corp that came under some XJs 97 and up. Those had 5 on 4.5, not really much stronger than a D35 from what I read a while back. I have no practical experience with it though. I had an 8.25 under my 97 XJ I had and I ran all over millers park back in the late 90s, with no problems.
xj's came with 8.25 all thru the 90s. pre97 were 27 spline 97+ were 29 spline. looks like i'm going with an 8.8
friend of mine has a mj, 10" susp and 35's with stock running gear, havent broke it yet, hes a frequent flyer at gray rock
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yes it is a ful width... got a 44 front to go with it though...
[Image: 2146.png]
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